Looking for someone you can trust to get your Aircraft or Vehicle Professionally Detailed to a new look? Well you came to the right place! Here at Champs A&A Detailing Services we strive for excellence in all we do. Our company is first and foremost focused on your detailing needs. The focus and attention we bring to our customers is vital in making sure you get what your heart desires. Once we understand your unique wants, our professional skill’s go to work. Simply put, “Quality you can’t live without.”

About Our Company

History: Champ’s A&A Detailing Services LLC. was formed by Jared Thompson on April 14th, 2021. But his roots do not start their! Jared first started detailing Airplanes and Vehicles when he was just 13 years old to help pay for his Private Pilot’s License. He ended up meeting a bunch of pilots in this process, learned what it was like to work towards something and accomplished his mission. While doing this he also participated in Civil Air Patrol, AFJROTC, EAA, IAC, Cross Country, Track, and Baseball. At the time he was in middle school transitioning to high school. Jumping further into his future Jared kept getting call’s about detailing his previous clients Aircraft but he was not really into it for earning more money, so he just did it as a hobby, and for trade in earning flight time. His first job after that was at Rural King however after four months he left as management and pay was not the best. Then after fighting hard for a job he wanted as a Line Service Tech at his local airport, he earned a spot on the team. In working their Jared made lot’s of friends, memories, and connections. He even got to work with Air Force One when the president flew in. Jared learned lot’s in taking this job but fast forwarding almost ten months later Jared was hit by an idea. After taking orders and being told what to do which wasn’t really what he wanted he decided to open a Detailing business focused on high profile clients who would be willing to pay for his professional services. But there was one little problem. Jared didn’t have the right amount of experience running a business at the time so for almost three to four months he networked with other small business leaders, got a new job detailing private jet’s like the Cessna Citations, Grand Caravans, King Air’s, PC12s and more. He slowly developed his company and quit his job to become a full time small business owner detailing his own clients aircraft. “It has been a long journey but a very rewarding one, and I am excited to continue growing my small business, while providing the best quality to our customers.” -Jared-

Vision: To provide the most valuable finish to every Aircraft & Vehicle surface we touch, while satisfying our customers own unique detailing wants and developing future ideas for our small business.

Goal: Our Goal is to take your Aircraft or Vehicle, spend anywhere between three to thirty six hours and present you with a like new high quality finish, that feels great, smells great, looks great, and is protected.

Mission: To provide high quality detailing to our clients with everything we handle from the smallest details to the largest details, while always promoting future growth.

Our Services

Provide Professional Aircraft & Vehicle Detailing

Full Interior Detailing for both Aircraft & Vehicles

Paint Correction & Brite Works

TKS Pannel Cleaning

Full De-Ice Boot Prep & Sealant

Dry Washes & Filtered Wet Washes

Upholstery Spot Cleaning & Stain Removal

Belly Degreasing & Lead Deposit Cleaning

Headlight Restoration

Advance Graphene Ceramic Coatings (7+ Years)

State Wide Travel for Florida & boarding States

Twenty Four Hour Detailing Availability (Night or Day)